Learn the rules of football in kid-friendly ways

We embed the core concepts of the game into stories, games, toys, and rhymes.



Read a book

Follow the characters of Camp Rallyhoo on their adventures as they experience fun games and activities that teach the key concepts of a sport through stories and play.


Play games

Now it’s your turn! As you go through the experience, get toys and play games just like the characters in the book.


Learn the sport

The toys and games aren’t just fun ways to interact with the story; they’ve also been teaching the key concepts of the sport (often without the kid even realizing!).


Be fans together

Cheer for your favorite team together and celebrate with the “Scratchy Bottom Hop.” Elevate the watching experience with activities like game-watch bingo.

If your child can follow an illustrated storybook for 10 minutes at a time, they can learn with Future Fans.

Our approach

Storytelling power

Our stories are engaging and explain key concepts of sports in a way that’s relatable for kids.

Play a game

Lock in learning with games and activities that teach the rules in parallel ways.


Help kids remember with rhymes that are incorporated into the stories, games, and toys.


Kids are excited and engaged as they unbox toys and games throughout the experience.