Ages 4 to 10


Build an understanding of football to unlock a love of the game

FANS FOR LIFE - TOGETHER: Unlock a lifetime of shared football fandom with Future Fans Football. Here we come Saturday and Sunday — and sometimes Monday and Thursday!


A family experience in a box to learn football together.

Interactive Experience

Structured as eight, 15-minute sessions, Future Fans Football provides the opportunity for adult and child to play and learn together in a shared experience. Even the packaging is part of the fun. Open mini-boxes throughout the experience, revealing games and toys introduced in the pages of the storybook.


Adult and child read together about the cast of campers of Camp Rallyhoo as they experience Football Week. Each beautifully illustrated chapter introduces activities and experiences that help turn storytime into an unexpected and fun learning experience about football.


Future Fans Football includes mini-games that help reinforce the lessons from the story! These are easy to learn, fun to enjoy, and perfect for playing wherever you are. Play the bean bag game Circle Toss and have your child learn the concept of downs in just 10 minutes. And score loads of shared laughs and smiles with a silly celebration dance and fun rhymes to help lock in key concepts.

Be fans together.

Toys and surprises

As you read the book, you’ll have the opportunity to unbox several toys and surprises that help make each session more interactive. The playbook is full of engaging items such as laminated activity sheets with game-watch bingo, coloring sheets, (and more!) that make watching football together even more fun. The wristband playbook makes every kid feel like a QB, with fun rhymes that help reinforce learning important football concepts through play.

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