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Future Fans



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Future Fans Football helps teach kiddos the core rules of football through 8 sessions of storytelling, toy surprises, mini-games, and the power of playing together!

It’s 4th and goal with the season on the line — the quarterback calls for the snap — TOUCHDOWN — your little one looks back at you with the biggest smile as you celebrate the big win together! These are the shared moments that strengthen family bonds and lead to a lifetime of shared fandom. Teaching the core concepts of football and creating deeper connections through ritualized play is what Future Fans Football is all about!

Learning the rules of a sport can be boring for little ones, but not with Future Fans Football! Designed by dads, Future Fans Football makes learning the core rules of football easy and fun through 8 sessions of parallel play. Read a book. Play a game. Be fans together.

    Grown-ups and small friends read together to follow the Campers of Camp Rallyhoo through 8 interactive sessions designed to play-action-pass on a core element of football! Each beautifully illustrated chapter of the book integrates activities that help turn storytime into a touchdown celebration dance of fun! 
    Future Fans Football includes mini-games that help reinforce the lessons in each chapter of the story! The mini-games are easy to learn, super fun, and perfect for playing wherever you are. Score loads of shared laughs and smiles with a silly celebration dance, a delicious cookie recipe, fun rhymes to help lock in key concepts, and a circle toss game that can be played in a variety of ways!
    Future Fans Football is a touchdown for the whole family! Future Fans Football provides the opportunity for families to play and learn together. Even the package is part of the fun — severalelect sessions hold prompts to open new sections of the box, revealing new games and interactivity with each step of the story! Future Fans Football is a team sport — through parallel play, grown-ups and kiddos participate in a shared experience that can positively influence growth and development, strengthen bonds, and create fans for life. 
    As you follow the Campers of Camp Rallyhoo through their adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to unwrap special toy surprises that help make each session more interactive. Spoiler Alert: A wooden coin for flipping, a playbook wristband, and the components of a super fun tossing game! The playbook is exactly that — a book of play including activity sheets featuring all the classics like dot-to-dots, mazes, word games, coloring sheets, and more!

    The Future Fans Football package includes laminated playbook pages that make watching football together even more fun! There are Game Watch Bingo pages, a TV Watch Guide, and plenty of vibrant charts and graphics that help further demystify the core elements of football. 

    Once you’ve completed your Future Fans Football adventure, you can apply the lessons learned to a lifetime of shared football fandom! Hello, Sunday here we come — and sometimes Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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