Why we exist

We all remember them – the iconic sports moments that stay with us, and the people we shared those experiences with. Win or lose, the shared thrill of sports creates and sustains lifelong bonds. But, getting young kids to engage with the game can be difficult...so we created Future Fans. 

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The game that started it all

Future Fans was born when one of those iconic sports moments happened...but there was no one there to share it with. It was the 2022 AFC Championship game, and the Cincinnati Bengals were about to earn their first trip to the Super Bowl in 33 years. Mike, a lifelong Bengals superfan, watched nervously alone, wishing his then 5-year-old daughter would watch with him.

Mike had spent countless hours trying to teach her about football, and she knew the players and the fight song, but he couldn’t get her to watch the game. In that moment, he wondered whether there was a better way to get her engaged as a fan, and what that might mean for their relationship together.


Mike Schroder and family


Michael Gold and family

Michael immediately saw the power of Mike’s idea, reflecting on the central role of sports in the relationships in his life - going to Cincinnati Reds games as a kid with his grandmother, OSU football games with his dad, and now Columbus Crew and Michigan Wolverines games with his own kids. Together, Michael and Mike set out to teach kids the rules of sports in ways they could understand - through stories, games and toys.

Mike and Michael built Future Fans with the belief that the world is a better place when the shared thrill of sports creates and sustains lifelong bonds. Life is busy - but win or lose, sports provide an opportunity to spend time together. To look forward to the next big game. To bond with people over a shared passion. To experience life as a fan. Future Fans exists so everyone can experience a lifetime of moments, big and small, together.


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